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nLighten | Sustainable Data Center Solutions

close. coupled. connected.

"nLighten provides data centers in all metropolitan areas of Germany, a unique benefit for both enterprise and edge users.
We are working towards actively integrating our data centers into local utility infrastructures to recover and share energy within the community.
We create local digital marketplaces to enable our customers and partners to thrive in the digital economy."
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What sets us apart

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Eco-system Marketplace.

We are transitioning the successful business model of consolidated data centers down to Germany’s regional cities, creating a marketplace of local enterprises, content delivery, network connectivity, and cloud. We have “human-size” operations, are always close and have you well connected.
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Innovation in Sustainability.

nLighten is committed to continuous improvement in sustainability and implementing innovative solutions. In Germany, our vision is for our data centers to be increasingly coupled to the energy sector, seeking to recover heat for the local community and stabilize the grid, using energy increasingly from onsite renewable generation.

With increasing collaboration of our data centers with the local energy infrastructure, such that they share and conserve energy, we set an example for data centers to assist community emissions reductions. The term to describe this is called  “sector coupling” and is an example of how data centers can actively assist the environmental transition.
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Low Latency.

We are connected, with latency of 6 ms or less across all of Germany’s metropolitan areas through a combination of geographical proximity and innovative connectivity partnerships - based on Round Trip Latency network measurements of the dominant carrier from the data center to a 5G tower.

Our German Platform

What does nLighten give you? Low latency. Innovative energy solutions. Diverse connectivity. And “made in Germany” reliability. With our 10 strategic locations, you benefit from excellent end-to-end performance while reducing your costs. We provide rigorous physical and infrastructure security for your real-time and high-volume data processing. Our data centers will increasingly be integrated with the local utility infrastructure. From our  German platform we will expand throughout Europe. Join us in our mission for a more sustainable digital future.
More Information
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Our team

You can always count on our team of experienced and dedicated data center professionals. What unites us: our core values of reliability, collaboration, responsibility, and trust. The result: an unwavering commitment to our customers and partners. Be a part of our shared vision and build a better future with us.
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