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Today, we’re all hyper-connected. And we’re part of a chain which is as strong as its weakest link. nLighten brings iron clad strength to this chain. Our resilient, low-latency connectivity and energy infrastructure ensure optimal operating conditions for carrier equipment and software-defined networks. So, everyone in the chain benefits.

nLighten data centers are a high-speed platform that lets your company securely access public clouds and other IP/IXP networks. It’s designed to help you focus on your business, not on your infrastructure. nLighten is colocation at cloud speed.

The nLighten
network access 

Connect to the world with nLighten. Think of our data centers like connectivity hubs. They encompass essential IT infrastructure and security while hosting multiple networks and content delivery platforms. They also provide a communication foundation for most telecoms carriers in Germany. In short: you can count on nLighten as the connectivity backbone for German business.
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The nLighten ecosystem marketplace

Boost your business opportunities with nLighten. We create thriving local ecosystems of partners and customers, working together for mutual growth. Your benefit? Cutting-edge technology and reliable, responsive partnerships. You get easy yet secure access to internet exchanges and public clouds. This facilitates hybrid cloud deployments as well as a flexible environment that scales with your business for your digital transformation or cloud migration initiatives.
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nLighten has a partner-first strategy and relies on partners such as telecommunications providers, cloud providers, and system integrators to bring the nLighten offering closer to the end customers. Through collaboration between nLighten and experienced system integrators, end customers receive tailored solutions that not only meet their efficiency and security requirements, but also take into account their specific business needs in a comprehensive way. This leads to higher satisfaction and a stronger relationship between our partners and their end customers.
Christian Zipp  ·  CSO nLighten
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